Heritage Darjeeling


The second diesel locomotive tried on the DHR which was re-gauged for them in 1957

Fully Articulated

£350 single motor

£370 double motor

Clemisons working six wheelers

Four coaches were ordered in 1879 with two passenger compartments. Details do not exist so these are based on the subsequent 4 wheelers which were possibly cannabalised from the six wheelers.

Coach 1st/2nd £75 (32mm Only)

Composite Luggage/3rd

Sixteen composites completed the 1879 order.

£75 (32mm Only)

Clemison Goods

Based on the only know drawing of 1897 and can be constructed as an open wagon or with the canvas frame. As illustrated

£65 (32mm Only)

Railcar with motor & chain drive

Built in 1920 to speed up the service in competition with the road. 8 persons could travel from Darjeeling to Siliguri and return in a day with 3½ hours in town.

£110 (32mm Only)

Early Open Wagon

Based on the 1880’s wooden framed flat topped wagon.


Baggage Wagon

Baggage Wagon



Trolleys were the mainstay of the passenger traffic up to the 1930s. Many were privately owned and the fleet took almost any form you could imagine.

Open 3rd Trolley


Gravity Trolley


Ladies Trolley


Cheque with order to:- Peter Lane, 7 Ashleigh Crescent, Yatton, BS49 4DF

P&P £7 per order for Trolleys, £12 per order for Locos/Coaches