Festiniog Railway

Laser Cut Kits Yatton Model Engineering 16mm – 1 foot / 19:1 on 32 mm ALSO 7/8ths inch – 1 foot on 45mm Minimum Radius 3 foot

Early Wooden Slate Wagon

The main reason for the railway was to transport slate and this model is typical of the earliest wagons recorded. The wooden slatted sides were separated by cast iron spacers. There were no springs and sleeve bearings as on the kit. The model has been kept simple to keep the price down so that typical trains of wagons can reasonably be reproduced.

16mm £25 or 5 wagons for £100 7/8ths £35 or 3 wagons for £100

Early Timber Open wagon

This kit represents the earliest form of a general purpose small open goods wagon. Information is sketchy but it is typical of the type of wagon that was constructed when loads were not carried beyond the width of the track.

16mm £25 – 7/8ths £35

4 Wheel Open ‘Birmingham’ Coach

The earliest form of passenger transport on the Festiniog Railway. Two wagons were supplied by Brown, Marshall & Co., one third and one first class. The first class had leather seats! Not the most practical form of transport and a 1981 photograph shows one of these wagons with an awing roof and aprons.

16mm £30 – 7/8ths £40

4 Wheel ‘Birmingham’ Coach

A natural development from the open coach. This first class variant is still running and last ridden in by myself on the Welsh Highland Railway.

16mm £45 – 7/8ths £55


Kits are complete with steel wheels, bearings, & Magnabar couplings.

Cheque with order to:- Peter Lane, 7 Ashleigh Crescent, Yatton, BS49 4DF

P&P £7 per order for Trolleys, £12 per order for Locos/Coaches