Yatton Model Engineering

I really must try and update the website more often. My excuse is that I find myself so busy that the task drops to the bottom of the list. That and the production of instruction manuals for new models are not tasks that I apply myself to. Now designing new kits – well that is a different matter. I have some new treats for you, but more of that later.

Because I find that the available radio control systems are "not fit for purpose" I have designed a new modern system.

The transmitter is simple to operate, will fit in a pocket, is interference free and, as it can link to an unlimited number of receivers, is the only transmitter you will ever need!

Well actually if you have steam locomotives you will require two transmitters as the control of battery electric and steam are different and I prefer, for simplicity, not to mix the controls.

But, on each transmitter, you can have up to 12 locomotives "in steam".

The receivers and combined motor controllers are probably the most compact you have ever seen.

You will find more details on the new Radio Control Systems page.

New out is the German South-West African Otavi Railway railcar called the Crown Prince – the most stylish, and the fastest, narrow gauge railcar ever.

Vale of FestiniogFor those who are coming to The Garden Rail Show at Exeter, Satutrday 18th October – I know it is a bit of a short notice, you will see the latest creation.

This is a four motor Funkey diesel "Vale of Festiniog".

Prices to be announced.

If you come to Peterborough I promise that it and its stable- mate "Castell Caernarfon" will be on sale. Of course as this loco is as it was purchased from South Africa – it started life in Namidia – it adds another African Locomotive to the fleet.

Victorian Railways (Australia) are on their way, starting with a ballast wagon so keep an eye on the web site.

Talking of prices I have redesigned the wheels to be fully insulated and to be to an improved pattern. These will cost a little more but I think they are worth it. Let me know if you would like me to sell wheel sets for homebuilders.

This and the increased cost of materials are going to force a price increase. The price adjustment will take place after the Peterborough Show.

Enough for now back to Funky design work.


Cheque with order to:- Peter Lane, 7 Ashleigh Crescent, Yatton, BS49 4DF

P&P £7 per order for Trolleys, £12 per order for Locos/Coaches