2.4GHz Radio Control System

Radio control System



TRANSMITTER: The ONLY transmitter you will ever need!

3 Models for either electric locos, steam locos and electric boats.
- Direction controlled latching front and rear lights. Push button horn.
- Simple to operate. No frequency channel control required.
- Range suitable for indoors and small outdoors sites.
- Independent control of up to 12 locomotives.
- Can bind with unlimited numbers of receivers.
- Very resilient against interferance.

- Easy one off binding procedure. Will only respond to bound transmitter.
- 6V to 12V DC power supply. Motor up to 1.5A at 12V.
- 3V 20mA for:Front LED;Rear LED;Horn. PWM for sound card.

Simulated SOUND CARD:
- Features engine start-up and shut-down. Matched to speed.
- Selection of cylinder numbers. Simulated horn.
- Self contained piezo sound unit.

HIGH POWER BOARD: Increases motor output to 4A.

STARTER KITS: Consists of Transmitter and one pre-bound receiver.

TRXYM Electric Motor Trains Motor,lights,horn £95.00
TRXYS Steam Driven Trains Four servos* £95.00
TRXYB Electric Motor Boats Motor,rudder,lights,horn £95.00

ADDITIONAL MODULES: Sizes are the minimum uncased sizes in mm.

RXY1 Single motor train receiver 34x25x15 £45.00
RXY2 Twin motor train receiver 48x32x15 £55.00
RXY4 Quad motor train receiver 75x42x15 £65.00
RXYS Steam loco receiver* 40x18x8 £25.00
RXYB Boat receiver (potted)# 56x28x28 £45.00
SCYM SCYM Motor sound card 33x33x16 £35.00
SCYB Boat sound card (potted)# 56x36x20 £35.00
HPYB High power Board (potted)# 56x36x28 £25.00

P&P £12 per order

* Reverser,Regulator,Whistle,and Gas. #The potted boards are designed to be water resistant.
Because of continuous development specifications may be subject to change.

Cheque with order to:- Peter Lane, 7 Ashleigh Crescent, Yatton, BS49 4DF

P&P £7 per order for Trolleys, £12 per order for Locos/Coaches