Light Railway Vehicles

All 32mm gauge track only.

These kits do not fit in any particular railway company’s listing but are all scale copies of real prototypes. The small locomotives are driven on both axels by a provided 2v to 3v motor that fits inside the frames leaving the cab and engine compartments free for your supply of batteries and control systems.

Laser Cut Kits. 16mm – 1 foot / 19:1. Minimum Radius 3 foot or LGB 1.

Hibbard Planet 22 hp diesel
Bedford & Jesty ltd. Bere Regis. Watercress Producers.

Hibbard Planet 22 hp diesel - 32mm or 45mm - £80

This popular little locomotive was used in the UK and exported worldwide. The kit contains all the parts to construct the open cab or the “winter” cab version (still with no doors as these could “impede driver access”). A perfect little work- horse for your garden railway.


Harz Mountain Railway Transporter Bogies

Harz Mountain Railway Transporter Bogies

A simple and innovative way to transport your 45mm wagons on your 32mm track. The bogies clip onto a 3mm diameter axel. Vorsprung durch technik as they might say!

£35 a pair

Bedford & Jesty ltd. Bere Regis. Watercress Producers.

Technically these kits are 7/8ths scale as they are 18” gauge scaled to run on 32mm track. So if you would like 7/8ths but do not want the expense of 45mm track these are for you. Apart from the passenger wagon however they would not look out of place on a 16mm scale layout.

Austin 7 powered Sylvasprings

Austin 7 powered “Sylvasprings”

Built in 1948 by B J Fry, Dorchester and was still in use in 1973.




The loco was rebuilt with a Briggs and Stratton engine and was running in this modelled condition in 1986.


Watercress Flats and Tubs

Watercress Flats and Tubs

A typical train (in 1973) were 4 of these wagons, two being pushed and two being pulled.


Passenger Wagon

Passenger Wagon

The only passenger transport on the line!


Kits are complete with wheels, bearings, & Magnabar couplings.

P&P £12 per order

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