Yatton Model Engineering

Products have been added and nothing lost!

Darjeeling Railway now has a set of three of the early 4 wheeled coaches, perfect for those who like compact rolling stock. A 1917 second generation “saloon no 11” is the start of a new fleet of period coaches.

For those who like the big boys a pair of four motor Bo-Bo locomotives join the Festiniog fleet. These are the Funkey diesels “Castell Caernarfon” and the rebuilt “Vale of Ffestiniog”.

The German South-West African Otavi Railway Crown Prince is now available in 7/8ths – a treat for the larger scale enthusiasts.

Similarly every thing Groudle Glen can now be had in 7/8ths scale.

Going smaller the “dunney on wheels” 7 foot Brake Van is part of the Innisfail stock.

Back up in size the Plynlimon & Hafon Tramway is now represented by its only coach.

The 2.4GHz Radio Control System has had some upgrades.

Finally a new super compact but fully featured Key Fob controlled 433MHz system has joined the range.


Cheque with order to:- Peter Lane, 7 Ashleigh Crescent, Yatton, BS49 4DF

P&P £12 per Order